The Best of Both Worlds

Live Classes + Video Based Learning


No one is too young to code. Kickstart your Data Science journey with hands-on experience of coding concepts

Machine Learning

Easy-to-use, guided environment for training machine learning models. Introduction to real-world implications of AI applications


IoT is all around us. The best way to understand the capabilities and implications is to be able to build with this technology for themselves

Why Data Science for Kids?

Early Exposure

Early exposure to Data Science to enhance logical, creative and analytical thinking

Knowledge Base

Create a knowledge base and build a strong foundation to analyse facts and figures

Pattern Finders

Upgrade existing skills to develop refined approach to find a pattern of an activity

Important Skill

Data is everywhere. Learning about it is similar to learning basic skills, at early age

Blended Learning Pedagogy

One of the first in segment to adopt blended learning pedagogy, to overcome the shortcommings of synchronous and asynchronous when offered individually

"The Best Of Both Worlds"

  • A Flexibility and Convenience - learn at your own pace
  • B Opportunity to go back to sections, students need to brush up on
  • C Opportunity to review outside resources
  • A Interaction with the teachers - Can ask questions in real time
  • B Greater sense of community and connection to their peers
  • C Collaboration, Engagement and Interactivity


Our Curriculum Heads

Eminent Faculty with Proven Outputs

Piyush Kulshreshtha

IIT Mumbai- India

Sofía Dieguez

McGill University- Canada

Kshitiz Sharma

IIT Guwahati- India